Bahr Academy has a unique curriculum structured for various courses and programmes

Our curriculum aims to:​

•  Mould students into good citizens, with a sense of responsibility for their actions
•  Encourage social participation within their community
•  ​Promote the development of young leaders
•  Give students a practical, successful understanding of their religious and social rights and responsibilities in society
•  Allow students to develop their spiritual and moral individuality
•  Empower students with the necessary skills and abilities to play a full and inclusive role within society, consistent and comfortable with their beliefs and principles

The following subjects of the National Curriculum are taught at KS3:

•  English
•  Mathematics
•  Science
•  Physical Education (PE)
•  History (Cross curricular with Seerah)
•  PSHE/Citizenship (Cross curricular with Aadaab)
•  Religious Education (Cross curricular with the Theology course)
•  ICT
•  Urdu Language
•  Arabic Language
•  Art
•  Music (Nasheeds/Qiraat)
•  Reading and writing

The following subjects of the National Curriculum are taught at KS4: 

•  English Language
•  English Literature
•  Mathematics
•  Science Chemistry
•  Science Biology
•  Urdu Language
•  History
•  Citizenship
•  ECDL and Arabic (optional subjects)

Students will do eight GCSE's in 2021/21. We intend to increase this when we move to our new site. In addition to the above subjects, all students will undertake lessons of Islamic Studies every morning. These lessons will be divided into four main subject areas:

1.​ Aqaa’id (Beliefs)
2.​ Fiqh (Jurisprudence)
3. Seerah (History)
4.​ Aadaab (Islamic and etiquettes of social life)

For more information on our curriculum, please contact Zakiah Chowdhury and Khadija Chowdhury (Head of School and Islamic Faculty) on

Our staff

We have a dedicated team of talented and inspirational staff who are committed to delivering the highest standards for each and every student in the school. The school’s Executive Principal is Mufti Muhammad Abdulmuheet. He is supported by a dynamic team of senior leaders and staff.

Principal: Mufti Muhammad Abdulmuheet
The Founder and Principal of Bahr Academy, Mufti Abdulmuheet graduated from a traditional Islamic seminary in Bury (UK) with a BA Hons in Hadith & Islamic Sciences. He memorised the Qur’an in 1997 and has been blessed to lead the Tarawih (night-vigil) prayers yearly, both locally and abroad. After  graduating with a Distinction in the Islamic sciences, he then went on to study a further two year Iftaa course. Among the many teachers he studied under and took inspiration from were the late Shaykh Yusuf Motala (Rahimahullah), Shaykh Hashim Patel, Shaykh Bilal Bawa and Mufti Shabbir Ahmed. After graduation, he taught some of the Islamic sciences at a local seminary in Newcastle, whilst also serving his community in an advisory role.

Headteacher: Zakiah Choudhury
Islamic Faculty Head: Khadija Choudhury
Head of Administration: Fouzia Sultana Ahmed


We have target setting and performance management systems for all of our activities. These are kept under constant review by the Senior Leadership Team. This rigorous approach makes sure the high standards expected at Bahr Academy are constantly maintained and enhanced. We strongly believe that outstanding staff are essential to delivering outstanding education. We put a lot of effort into recruiting the best people. We then invest in their continuing professional training and development.

Students have personalised learning plan designed to challenge and support them. Behaviour and attendance are monitored carefully. Early action is taken in any areas where a pupil’s progress is causing concern. Parents also have an important role to play in ensuring their children achieve their potential. 

Bahr Academy has also been rated Good in all areas by Ofsted, and we continue to improve our courses and facilities. Our school report can be found here.

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